Our initial features and roadmap has been structured by the founding team and partners. As our community grows, we will undergo a full transformation to a DAO-based structure in order to ensure members of the ecosystem will define the future of dAngel Funds investment.

Following is dAngel Funds roadmap for the initial year:

2022 - 2023 Q1:

  • Concept creation, website launch, and social media

  • Team formation & community building

  • Fundraising

  • Coinmarketcap listing

  • TGE, DEX listing

2023 Q2-Q3:

  • NFT marketplace & Genesis NFT Collection

  • DAO structure for voting

  • Council Member Program

  • Staking reward mechanisms

  • Automated reward distribution contract & audit

2023 Q4:

  • Updated dashboard for staking, launching, and DAO features

  • Solutions partner program growth

  • Community programs

  • Dev3 Summit + Hackathon


  • Iterations with the feedback from the community

  • New roadmap planning with the DAO community for 2024

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